Publicado el 21 de May de 2020

Social Expert (SORIA)

Oferta de empleo.

Código del Proceso: 071.2020
Puesto: Social Expert (SORIA)
Empresa: Ong's

Theprofessional will develop his/her responsibilities within the framework of atransnational research project funded by the European Commission in thecontexts of HORIZON-2020 Program: “‘WELCOMING SPACES’ IN EUROPE: REVITALISINGSHRINKING AREAS BY HOSTING NON-EU MIGRANTS"


Incollaboration with project partners, the hired professional will:


Launch of a multi-stakeholder network/community ofpractice

Organize events with policymakers, stakeholders andpractitioners

Make evaluation reports of the best practices andlessons learned concerning ‘welcoming spaces’ in the five selected countries

Develop a ‘Tool box’ of successful methodologies formigrant integration in shrinking regions


To ensurethat the project complies with the Quality System implemented at the Foundation(UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008).

To ensurethe compliance with the Data Protection Laws within the project.

Tocoordinate with the Foundation team in the center in Soria and in otherterritories where the research project is developed.

Tocoordinate with the project partners’ teams.

To givesupport to the coordinator of Foundation Rural Development Area in thedesigning of materials and in the writing of documents.

To attendto the communication needs of the project's target population.

Toregister the work done in the computer application of Fundación and/or in thespecific bases of the funding entities.

To takepart in meetings and training sessions.

To watchover the respect of the Cultural Identity, gender, socio-economic and CulturalDiversity of people directly or indirectly involved in the project.

To develop other functionscoherent with the project framework and with the position professional group.

Lugar: SORIA
Duración/Tipo Contrato: 42 months
  • Colegiado/a
  • Licenciatura/Grado o Máster o Doctorado en CC. Políticas o Sociología.

Proficiency level in English.

Excellentoral and written communication skills both in English and Spanish: to generate documentation inEnglish; to take part in international conferences and meeting; to be used inthe everyday work and contact with the European partners and the Spanish team;etc.

Knowledgeof and/or strong affinity with the research topic (shrinking areas /migration).



Knowledgeof offimatics and of social networks for professional use both in formal /non-formal communication and in research.

Knowledgeof rural development in Spain and Europe: realities; programs affecting the rural framework;contexts of rural development policies at national and European level.

Clearnotions about rural development policies in Spain and in the EU framework.

Affinitywith the notion of sustainable development and alternatives to mainstreamdevelopment paths (e.g. social economy, food sovereignty, degrowth, etc.)

Knowledgeabout working with migrants and people at risk of social exclusion, especiallyin depopulated scenarios.

Drivinglicense and use of private vehicle (the project covers the travel expenses anddiets during field workdays, according to cost-tables which are common to allthe Foundation professional team).

 It willbe assessed:

Knowledgeof the legal guidelines affecting immigration: both to people who migratevoluntarily and forced migrants (refugees and asylum seekers).

Knowledgeof the Third Sector of Social Action, its networks and platforms.

Knowledgeof the University research framework in Spain and in other EU member countries.



Master’s degree in SocialSciences, or a comparable background (Migration studies, Human geography,Development studies, and other related social disciplines)


It willbe assessed:

Experience(academic and/or professional) of working in the European framework.

Workexperience as a Networking Expert.

Previouscontact and/or work with the private sector; social organizations (NGOs andothers); and/orpublic administration at any of its different levels (local, regional, nationaland European). Especially, in the framework of rural development.



Independentthinking and critical analytical skills.

Experiencewith knowledge systematization and intensive field immersion.

Provenability to work independently (e.g. during fieldwork) and in a team (e.g.through joint analysis and writing).

Aninterest in, and experience with, research communication beyond academicaudiences.


Before sending the application, the candidate shouldhave made a personal and critical reflection about the possible influence ofpost-COVID-19 on the situation at local and European levels, and its impact onthe work of the position as described in this document. The reflection shouldlead to a series of concrete proposals in order to successfully face thesituation post COVID-19.


Full availability to travel in Spain and Europe.


Interested persons should apply by sending:


1. Updated curriculum vitae in English and Spanish:maximum 5 A-4 pages.

2. Cover letter in English explaining why she/he is agood fit for the position: 500 words maximum.

To be assessed:

3. Scanned reference letters fromcompanies in which the candidate previously worked in positions similar orrelated to the one described on the job offer: each reference letter mustindicate the telephone number and e-mail to contact with the signing person.

Fecha Límite Admisión de CVs (inclusive): 24-05-2020


  • Abstenerse quien no cumpla los requisitos de la oferta.
  • Para cada oferta enviar un E-mail con un nuevo CV
  • No se aceptarán CV a partir de la fecha fin de oferta
  • Los interesados deberán enviar un CV adaptado a, indicando el código de la oferta.
Puedes configurar que ofertas recibes en tu email y cuáles no entrando en tu perfil con tu nombre y contraseña.
Te recordamos que puedes pedirnos información sobre el estado de tus candidaturas enviándonos un e-mail a Te informaremos del estado del proceso y de si la empresa/entidad nos ha dado información sobre ti, eso si, salvo excepciones, probablemente no tengamos información hasta pasado un mes de la fecha de envío de los CVs, que es cuando hacemos un recordatorio de feed-back a las entidades.